Who we are & What we are about

Taparty is a young catering company that recently has appeared on the exciting and fast growing culinary scene of Cornwall with the desire to bring to your table the best Spanish food cooked with the best Cornish produce, when possible. Taparty provides an extensive selection of Traditional Spanish Tapas and Paellas cooked by Ana Lozar, a Spaniard from Madrid, who began this thrilling venture at the beginning of 2018.

We are about food and people. The togetherness, the exchange, the approach, the connection when we all sit down around the table. Food is the celebration of who we are, of sharing, of getting closer to each other, of building unforgettable memories. Here, we believe in food as a tool that makes cultures have a unique identity, but it also has the quality of bringing different cultures together. Wherever there is good food on the table, all these qualities come together, creating a truly wonderful atmosphere that will make that day a forever one to remember.